We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer to suit your needs, premises and duration of use.

long or short term use

Use thingdust for a needs analysis or install the solution long-term with live display for your employees.

flexible number

With the individual offer, we help you calculate the number of sensors for your meeting rooms and workstations. This way you can get the solution perfectly tailored to your office.

rent or buy

You can rent or buy our sensors and gateways. Depending on how long you want to use the solution.

select your subscription

featurethingdust livethingdust analyticsthingdust advanced
Show your employees the current occupancy on their mobile devices and on entrance screensAnalyze the usage of your office with the thingdust plug and play analyticsGet both functionalities and make your employees and your wallet happy
Real-time data
data storage
email support
Training: analytics on the thingdust dashboard

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