thingdust spaces

With thingdust spaces, we offer you our technology tailored to your personal needs, premises and duration of use.

long or short term use

Use thingdust for a needs analysis or install the solution long-term with live display for your employees.

flexible number

With the individual offer, we help you calculate the number of sensors for your meeting rooms and workstations. This way you can get the solution perfectly tailored to your office.

rent or buy

You can rent or buy our sensors and gateways. Depending on how long you want to use the solution.

example of use

Long-term installation with connection to existing room finding tool via thingdust-API

The ZHB Luzern has a large number of learning places. These are all visible on an existing system, which also allows the display of books on the individual shelves. To avoid having to offer the students a new platform with additional login, the ZHB was looking for a solution with integration into the existing system.

The sensors are installed at the individual learning stations and the live data is transferred to the Artec system via the thingdust API. The visitors of the ZHB have the possibility to check the occupancy at home and can decide if the way is worth it.

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example of use

Live occupancy display on screen for employees and visitors .

The insurance company is currently testing various shared office concepts and was looking for a solution to display live occupancy so that employees can see vacant workspaces directly at the entrance.

The sensors installed at the individual locations measure the occupancy in real time and with the thingdust front screen view this can be easily displayed on an info screen. In order to measure the occupancy, the employee does not need another device, but the sensor measures the presence with a PIR-sensor. At the same time the customer has the possibility to find out how the utilization of the different modules is and can plan his entire changeover based on the employees needs.

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example of use

Temporary check of the number of seats in meeting rooms.


The customer has, distributed over several floors, meeting rooms with different numbers of seats. These vary from one to twelve seats. The customer had the feeling that they were not really well utilized.

In order to measure the occupancy, thingdust sensors were installed under the tables for each individual seat. These sensors measure the occupancy of the individual chairs and enable the evaluation of the actual use of the rooms. In a short time it could be determined that the rooms for up to 12 persons are only used by an average of three persons.

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