The thingdust solution consists of:


thingdust multisensor

thingdust multisensors are very energy-efficient and a single battery lasts up to two years. They are easy to install and flexible to use.


low power network

The LoRa network works independently of the existing IT infrastructure, offers a long range and supports the long battery runtime of the multisensors. Whole buildings can be covered already with a small number of gateways.


thingdust dashboard

The web-based thingdust dashboard shows the available workplaces and meetingrooms. In addition, the dashboard offers insights as well as an export function for detailed analyses.

thingdust multisensor

The multisensors developed by thingdust are installed on the ceiling of meeting rooms or at workplaces. The sensors anonymously measure the use of the office space as well as the room climate and transmit the measured information. The thingdust dashboard displays the available spaces and workplaces in real time. With thingdust you can use your office space more efficient. The collected data is stored and is available for more detailed analysis.



Show available workplaces and meeting rooms to your employees and visitors.



Track and optimize the room temperatures.



Keep track of the humidity in your office spaces.


thingdust offers you the following advantages:

no network integration


thingdust needs no integration in existing IT networks and works independently.



The thingdust multisensors measure the occupancy anonymously and are not even able to track people.

easy setup

simple setup

Just fix the sensors with magnets, stickers or screws and start measuring your office spaces.

Try our demo

To get a little insight into our solution, we have prepared a demo dashboard. There are the different functions, possibilities of positioning the sensors, the data export possibility and a few basic analyses available.