thingdust office insights

Your company is growing and you are not sure if the office space is sufficient? Your employees are increasingly in home offices and you want to know how you can use the existing space differently? Or you want to know how many workstations you can reduce? With thingdust office insights we offer you exactly the analyses that answer these questions.

What you need to do?

Practically nothing - only the communication with your employees. We will provide you with the necessary documentation. We calculate how many sensors need to be used for the desired results and recommend the best measurement period.

What you get?

A final meeting tailored to you with the presentation of the results. Everything packed in one package from A to Z.

How does thingdust office insights work?

Easily get the answers to your office space usage questions.

1. Initial meeting

During our first exchange we discuss your open questions and define the goals of the analysis.

thingdust analytics kit
thingdust analytics kit

2. Planning and communication

Based on the initial meeting, we plan when and what will be measured. We also provide you with communication documents for your employees.

3. Measurement and analysis

We commission the sensors at your site. They measure the occupancy during the agreed period. Afterwards, we uninstall the sensors again. We analyze the measured data with regard to the defined targets.

thingdust analytics kit
thingdust analytics kit

4. Final meeting

The results of the analysis will be presented and explained to you in the final meeting. You are welcome to engage in an open dialog.

example of use

Analysis of the existing office concept over several months to define the optimal sharing ratio.

The customer has an existing building with around 700 workstations and would like to find out which sharing ratio is to be implemented in the planned new building. The data should be collected and evaluated within six months.

For this purpose, the use of the individual workstations (distribution of the sensors according to the random principle) is measured in order to determine which workstations are no longer needed in desk sharing. Since six months are available for the measurement, the individual areas are each measured for two months and the sensors are shifted twice. Thanks to the simple installation with magnets or double adhesives and the flexible network within a few hours.

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