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we simply make your office smarter

thingdust enables the measurement, analysis and optimization of office space utilization through the use of Internet of Things. The all-in-one solution consists of thingdust multisensors, an independent network and the thingdust dashboard.


thingdust helps you to analyze the office space.

Through the usage-based demand analysis and corresponding conversion, more diverse, more efficient and need-oriented resources can be created - with 24/7 measurement data.


thingdust shows available spaces at a glance

The freely available workspaces and meeting rooms in the shared desk office can be viewed at a glance - on the smartphone, notebook or even on the screen at the entrance.


optimized for temporary and long-term measurements

Simply check the utilization over a few months or analyze the usage over several years and at the same time offer the employees a tool to find free places.


detailed analysis on the thingdust dashboard

The dashboard allows evaluation according to your needs. Filtered by room types, floors, departments or your personal tags. With informative analyses.


thingdust offers you everything for an easy and hassle-free installation.

no network integration

IT independent installation

The thingdust solution works cloud based and does not need any connection to the existing IT infrastructure. You just need a power outlet for the gateway.


privacy protection

The thingdust multisensors measure the occupancy anonymously with an infrared sensor and offer no possibility to identify persons.

easy setup

plug and play

One sensor for meeting rooms and workplaces - measures occupancy and room climate. Simply stick it on or fix it with magnets.


The thingdust solution is based on an IoT network and multisensors, which transmit data on occupancy and indoor climate wirelessly.

thingdust Gateway

low power network

The LoRa network works independently of the existing IT infrastructure, offers a long range and supports the long battery runtime of the multisensors. Whole buildings can be covered already with a small number of gateways. The sensors can be integrated into already installed LoRa networks.

The Things Network
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thingdust Sensor

thingdust multisensor

thingdust multisensors are very energy-efficient and the replaceable batteries last up to three years. They are easy to install and flexible to use. Developed and made in Switzerland.

easy setup

thingdust dashboard with flexible and informative analyses

The web-based dashboard includes a live view for employees and visitors and as well as for admin users with evaluation options, customer-specific tags, heat maps and much more. Updates included.


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