With the thingdust demo kit you get an easy way to test the complete functionality of the solution. In addition to the functionality of the sensor and gateway, you can try out the web-based dashboard with the live view and the evaluation options and then work with thingdust to develop a customized offer.

1 simple and IT-independent setup

The gateway only needs a power connection. It automatically creates the required network (LoRa) and connects to the mobile network via the SIM integrated in the gateway. No network connection is required.

2 Quick commissioning and mounting of the sensors

After inserting the battery, the sensors automatically connect to the LoRa and start measuring directly. The sensors are then mounted with the supplied adhesives and magnets.

3 thingdust Dashboard

The thingdust Dashboard shows the current usage in real time and gives you insights into the measured data. We would be happy to discuss the evaluations with you and show you the possibilities.

4 Further procedure

After about 20 days we will get back to you to look at the evaluations and work out a suitable offer for you together. After 30 days you send the demo kit back to thingdust.

scope of services

12 thingdust sensors
1 LoRaWAN gateway with internet connectivity
30 day thingdust subscription including analytics and enduser view


CHF 650.00 / EUR 600.00 inclusive shipping (Europe) and return shipping (Switzerland only)
Extended term for CHF 430.00 / EUR 350.00 per month. The general terms and conditions of thingdust apply.

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