data protection & privacy

The privacy of employees is our top priority. That is why our solution is built in such a way that we do not even have the possibility to generate personal data.

The solution from thingdust measures the use of spaces by means of movement via a PIR sensor integrated in the Sensor. As such, the data is correspondingly anonymous and not personal. If personal workplaces/ spaces are measured, an additional anonymization procedure must be used by thingdust (double blind assignment in groups of at least 10 workplaces). On the platform of thingdust, no personal designations (e.g. workplace Hans Muster) or designations that allow conclusions to be drawn about persons are permitted. thingdust does not store and process any personal data. All data transmitted is encrypted or access restricted by authentication. thingdust stores and processes the data at Microsoft Azure Cloud (server locations in Western Europe), while the backup is stored at thingdust headquarters in Lucerne Switzerland.