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thingdust AG is a Swiss start-up in the field of Internet of Things, founded in 2017. thingdust optimizes commercial office and building spaces by internet of things and machine learning technology. It automatically monitors and manages all kinds of building spaces - meeting rooms, desks, social areas and collaboration spaces. Our customers are facility managers, architects, consultancy companies and office furniture builders. The former want to know, how much space they can optimize or reduce. Consultants get an easier solution to analyze office space and furniture builders combine our product with their products to get analytics of the furniture usage. We have our office in Lucerne above a bar and next to the trainstation.


thingdust team


Stefan Landolt

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Stephan Grüter

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Adrian Imboden

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Marco Betschart

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Dominique Vogel

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Frank Büttner

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Kirsch Luetjohann
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